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26 July 2011 @ 03:56 am
credit post  
Since my user info was about ready to explode I decided to move all my credit/resources information into a journal post...

sidebar animations, lovebars, support banner, header, mood themes, etc:

sidebar animations: Faith/Dean, Faith/Dean kiss, Faith/Dean talk, Eric/Buffy, Eric flying off, Buffy/Angel, Buffy/Riley, Willow glowing, Buffy fighting, Buffy/Faith/Spike, Hermione, Castiel, Eric/Sookie from season 3 trailer, Eric/werewolf, Kendra, Tara, Buffy/Castiel (2x) by easy_to_corrupt
sidebar animations: Dean/Castiel, Eric showing his teeth, Eric/Sookie, Gwen/Jack, Eric talk, Eric showing off, Doctor/Rose new earth, Doctor/Rose kiss, 10/Rose going my way, doll? by sterni75
sidebar animations: Faith/Dawn, Faith/Doctor, Faith/Jack, Sam/Dawn, Dawn/Buffy/Sam/Dean, Dean/Willow/Buffy, Ruby, Bad Wolf/Jack, Jack/Martha by sarah_jones & milerna
sidebar animations: Becker/Martha, all Primeval, John/Elizabeth, Sirius Black, Prue Halliwell, Spencer Reid, Jenny, Eli Wallace, Ron/Hermione, Fred/George, Annie/Billy by sarah_jones
sidebar animations: Doctor/Donna it's me by kyrina
sidebar animations: Rose/10 looking up, Rose/10 hug, 10/Christina by fizzlingwhizbee
sidebar animations: Faith in Buffy's body talking to Spike by sixties
sidebar animations: Lost Girl by loversopolite
sidebar animations: Cordelia Chase by breeliz
sidebar animations: Dean/Anna, Castiel by karmalicious84
sidebar animations: Kahlan/Aragorn, Prue/Dean, Bo/Dean, Amy/Lorna, Lorna/Doctor, Daenerys/Doctor, Dean/Olivia, Doctor/Jack Sparrow by milerna
sidebar animations: Amy waking up, Rose/Eleven by nicolemissing @ lakecastle

profile animations: Legend of the Seeker by lrbcn
profile animations: Robin Hood by sterni75
profile animations: Twilight/New Moon by easy_to_corrupt
profile animations: the TARDIS, Jack during WW II, Jack/Rose, 9/Jack/Rose/banana, into time and space, Jack posing, fancy a trip in the TARDIS, Doctor/Martha (2x), 10/Jack/Martha (2x), Doctor/Jack, the Doctor (10), waving fat, Torchwood, Jack touching lips, TARDIS calling, Owen/Tosh/Jack/Martha,John Barrowman in pool by cowboyhd
profile animations: Rose Tyler (EoT), the Doctor (11), Amy Pond, Percy/Annabeth, Willow/Tara, Buffy/Riley (6x), Buffy Angel kiss (BtvS 7.22), Buffy/Castiel by sarah_jones
profile animations: Hawaii 5-0 by gallicka
profile animations: Avatar by i_x_myheart
profile animations: Booth/Bones by untold_verity
profile animations: Being Human by neverwinter
profile animations: Buffy/Angel by easy_to_corrupt

lovebars: Life, River Song, Amy Acker, Fred Burkle, Illyria by vampire_sessah
lovebars: Carey Mulligan, Bones, Ben Barnes, David Boreanaz 9 & Rose by welshgirl15
lovebars: John/Aeryn, Daenerys, the Listener by lorespuff
lovebars: the Nine Lives of Chloe King, BtvS: Once more with Feeling, Rachel Bilson, Aria by ambersuite
lovebars: Buffy & Angel starcrossed lovers, Willow & Tara, Amy & Rory, Olivia Dunham, Supernatural by needtakehave
lovebars: Bad Wolf by allonsy
lovebars: Rose Tyler on Bad Wolf Bay by artdecadence
lovebars: Cameron Mitchell (with quote), Tamara Johansen, Eli Wallace (the 2nd one) by leesa_perrie
lovebars: Amy Pond (the 1st Amy lovebar) Ginny Weasley, the brightest witch of her age, Luna Lovegood, Josh Duhamel, Katie Cassidy, Genevieve Cortese, Neal Caffrey (1st Neal lovebar), cupcakes, tea, Italy by emme86
lovebars: Farscape, the TARDIS (the 2nd TARDIS lovebar) by colonoscarpeay
lovebars: Riley Finn by angelus2hot
lovebars: Cordy, Johnny Depp, Matt Bomer, Chris Halliwell, Sully, Abby Maitland, Neal Caffrey (2nd Neal lovebar) by arenee1999
lovebars: Legolas, Emilie DeRavin, Up by jenmixelle
lovebars: Neal/Sara by bluedreamer80
lovebars: River by elfennau
lovebars: Avatar, Adele, Emma Watson, Doctor Who (Ten in Blink), Ron/Hermione, Aria Montgomery, Pretty Little Liars, Liz/Max, Veronica Mars, LoVe, Neal Caffrey (3rd Neal lovebar), TARDIS (the 3rd one), Sam and Jack are forever by holiday_reading
lovebars: Alias, Angela/Hodgins, Covert Affairs (1st lovebar), Hawaii 5-0 (1st lovebar), MIOBI, the Mentalist, Belle/Hannah by kateliciously
lovebars: Castle, Doctor Who (season 5, with dark red borders) by endless_wire
lovebars: Chuck Bartowski by failegaidin
lovebars: Vincent and the Doctor by inthegiggleloop
lovebars: Cam Mitchell (4th one), sweets by jettakd
lovebars: Kara Thrace (2nd one), Lee Adama by larmay
lovebars: Chuck, Awesome, Sarah Walker, Stargate Atlantis forever, roses, autumn, Maggie Grace, Lauren Graham, Gilmore girls, Firefly, Inara, Fringe, Kristen Bell by mark_pierre
lovebars: holiday feelings by neke
lovebars: Connor Temple, Grey's Anatomy, Steve McGarrett, Kara Thrace (1st lovebar)
lovebars: Dean and Faith by needtakehave & manips by sarah_jones
lovebars: all others by sarah_jones
colorbar: Grimm by tinnny

support banner by sarah_jones

header by sarah_jones

moodtheme: Freema by wikked_angel_78

Credit for everything else can be found in my & needtakehave's community from now on: http://thinkingalike.livejournal.com/1800.html

Current Mood: draineddrained