Betty (sarah_jones) wrote,

Doctor Who icons

25 Doctor Who icons made for bbcshows_20in20


If you take any please:
- comment, I love to hear what you like
- credit: sarah_jones on lj, charming_angel on ij or
- do not claim as your own
- don´t hotlink

You can find all my fanart at Some graphics are linked to tutorials/psd's there.
Credit for brushes, textures, tubes, psd's, etc can be found in my userinfo.

Season Looking away Blur Happiness Blue
4 squares Relationship Sad Small Song Name *

Category : Same Cap/Image
Cat #1 Cat #2 Cat #3 Cat #4 Cat #5

Artist's Choice
AC #1 AC #2 AC #3 AC #4 AC #5

* She's Back by Westlife


alternate 1alternate 2alternate 3alternate 4alternate 5

Tags: 20in20, doctor who, doctor who: 10, doctor who: 11, doctor who: amy pond, doctor who: amy/river, doctor who: amy/rory, doctor who: doctor/rose, doctor who: donna noble, doctor who: jack/martha, doctor who: martha jones, doctor who: martha/mickey, doctor who: martha/rose, doctor who: mickey smith, doctor who: river song, doctor who: rory williams, doctor who: rose tyler, icons, torchwood, torchwood: jack harkness

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