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New Worlds: chapter 8

Title: New Worlds
Author: Betty (sarah_jones on lj)
Fandoms: Doctor Who/Torchwood, Buffy, Supernatural & True Blood
Rating: M
Disclaimer: I don’t own any of the characters or fandoms. I wish I did… *g* I don’t make any money with this! I’m just writing the story for fun and hope someone else will enjoy it, too.
Summary: The doctor finds a way to travel to other realities (fandoms) and picks up some new companions on the way.
Warnings: Some canon characters are dead in certain realities. But they might be alive in other realities. So noone is gone for good... ;-)

Thanks so much to pagan_sun for betaing this chapter again. :-)


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intro video by milerna:

chapter 8:

Whoverse – earth – London - 21st century:

Once she had talked to a lawyer and filled out some papers Martha had been brooding in the TARDIS living room. If it was her choice they would have left right away. But Jack and some others had gone out to a pub. In an attempt to cheer her up the Doctor had dragged her to that pub as well. Martha wasn’t sure how that could make her feel better, but went along anyway.

Leaning against a pillar Martha glanced around. Most people were happy and laughing. She wished she could be like them. But honestly, when had she last been like a normal human? The song then ended and Martha felt relieved. It was karaoke night at the bar and the guy who had been singing really sucked. Hopefully the next one would be better.

The doctor then came over to her with some kind of cocktail. Martha eyed it sceptically.

“Completely drug free,” the Doctor promised with a wink. “Scanned it with the sonic screwdriver myself.”

Martha had to chuckle at that and took the cocktail.

“You’ve got to be kidding me,” the Doctor then muttered.

“What is it?” Martha asked, then followed the Doctor’s gaze to the small stage.

Martha’s eyes widened as Jack Harkness started to sing: “Every little thing she does is magic.” She really hadn’t expected that, or that he actually could sing. On the other hand, was there anything he couldn’t do?

“Blimey,” the Doctor said and ruffled his hair.

Martha smirked, then watched Jack while sipping her cocktail. Jack really was good and the people in the pub seemed to love him. Of course they did. A smile then appeared on her face as Jack winked at her while singing the chorus. Somehow it felt like he was singing for her alone. But that was him, wasn’t it? He always made everyone feel special and managed to charm just about anyone.

----- -----

“You’ve been watching me,” a voice said from behind Buffy and she shivered slightly. Without looking she knew exactly who it was. The voice sounded just as familiar as the man it belonged to. And of course he was right, she had been watching him, or better staring at him, since she first noticed him standing at one of the bars.

Turning around Buffy glanced up at the man, her heart beating faster. His hair was brown, not blond and he was wearing rather odd clothes, but beside that he looked like Spike. Could it actually be him? They were in another reality, so this world’s version of him could be alive, or better undead.

“What if I have?” Buffy asked and smiled up at him.

Captain John Hart looked at the blonde in front of him. That she had been watching him wasn’t a question. She definitely had. Usually being watched was a rather unpleasant thing, because it meant that someone was after him, probably ready to kill him. It still was a possibility right now, but somehow he doubted that. The way the young woman looked at him now definitely wasn’t threatening. Of course that could just be well played, but he didn’t think so. There was just something about her. He couldn’t place it. But he kind of liked the way she was looking at him. Was that a hint of admiration? Wonder? Or maybe longing?

“Then I’ll buy you a drink,” he said leaning down close to her ear. “… for now.”

The sound of his voice so close to her ear combined with the promise of much more than just a drink made Buffy shiver all over again. Then his hand brushed her bare arm and Buffy’s eyes fixed on it. His hand had been warm. Vampire hands simply weren’t that warm. This guy might look like Spike, but he was human, so he definitely wasn’t Spike. Spike had been a vampire for a long time. If he’d stayed human in this reality he would be long dead.

Glancing up again Buffy then watched the guy go over to the bar and order something to drink. She could just leave now. But why should she? Okay, he wasn’t Spike, but that didn’t mean that she couldn’t have a drink with him. It might be a bit weird to spend time with a look-alike of her dead ex, but when was her life ever normal?

Buffy smiled as the guy came back towards her with two drinks. Then he suddenly froze and turned to look at the stage. Buffy followed his look and noticed that Jack was on it, singing “every little thing she does is magic.” Wow, the guy could sing, too. As if it wasn’t enough that he was hot, had money, which he was willing to spend on her, seemed to have fun when shopping with women and was not undead. Too bad Faith had kind of staked a claim on him, too.

Sighing Buffy then looked back at the Spike look-alike and went over to him. He was still looking at Jack.

“He’s good isn’t he?” Buffy asked.

John pulled his eyes away from Jack and looked at the blonde. “You have no idea,” he said with a grin, then handed her one of the drinks.

----- -----

As soon as Jack finished his song he stepped off the stage, a frown on his face. He had just started to enjoy himself when his gaze fell on John, who was talking to Buffy of all people.

He quickly walked over to them and glared at his old friend.

“What the hell are you doing here?”

Buffy was surprised at Jack’s hostile tone and looked from him to John.

“Checking out some unusual temporal readings,” John answered with a shrug. “Didn’t expect to find you here though.”

“You two know each other,” Buffy stated.

“Pretty well actually,” John said with a smirk.

Jack rolled his eyes, then turned to Buffy. “He’s right… unfortunately.” That said he grabbed Buffy’s drink and put it away.

“You better don’t drink anything in his presence.”

“Ouch, now I’m hurt,” John said mimicking a hurt expression.

“You put something in my drink?” Buffy asked staring at John.

“Of course not. Why would I? She’s been undressing me with her eyes all evening anyway,” John said with a smug grin as he glanced from Buffy to Jack.

Jack was about to grab John, to drag him outside, when Buffy punched the guy in the face.

----- -----

Finally alone, Dawn thought as she and Sam sat at a small table in the corner of the pub. Of course they weren’t actually alone, but no one they knew was in sight.

“Have I thanked you already?” Sam asked.

“For what?” Dawn wanted to know. “Getting you stuck in an alternate reality?”

Sam shrugged. Right now he honestly didn’t care about that.

“Finding a way to get Dean back.” Having Dean and Dawn around was all that mattered to Sam at the moment. Of course he wanted to find a way back home, but they could work on that tomorrow.

“And for still wanting to spend time with me.”

Dawn looked at him surprised. “Why wouldn’t I?”

Sam looked down at his hands, which were playing around with his glass.

“I just left and never called, and that after we…” He looked up at her again, his eyes fixed on her face as he remembered the night they spent together. Faith and Dean had occupied his and Dean’s room, so he had been staying with Dawn. They had kissed for the first time that night and then one thing led to another. It had been her first time, and even though Dawn said that she was happy it was with him Sam still felt bad about it. Dawn was special, her first time should have been special, too, not a one night stand in a cheap motel, with a guy that didn’t call her afterwards.

Dawn took Sam’s hand and squeezed it slightly.

“I could have called, too,” she said. She probably should have done that, but she didn’t want to seem needy and annoy him, if he didn’t like her the same way she liked him. That sounded stupid now. He did really like her, didn’t he? It felt like he did.

“Besides, let’s not dwell on the past. We’re together now…,” Dawn said. Then she froze. They were together, weren’t they? They hadn’t actually talked about it. Sure, Sam acted liked he wanted to be with her, too. But did he really want a relationship? Or was she just imagining it because she wanted to be with him so desperately?

Sam started to smile and then leaned in closer.

“Yes, we are,” he said before kissing her.

When they broke apart Dawn was breathing heavily. Looking up at him she then smiled.

“Together as in… a couple?” she asked silently. It felt like he had meant that, but she just had to make sure.

A grin appeared on Sam’s face. “Yes, as in a couple,” he said, feeling happier than he had in a long time. Having a girlfriend just seemed impossible the past years. He didn’t know what the future would bring, but he was done being single. He wanted to be with Dawn and it seemed possible right now. No matter what would happen tomorrow or the days after that, he’d do anything to keep it that way.

The smile on Dawn’s face widened. She leaned in to kiss him again when she was distracted by a commotion a few feet away.

Sam followed Dawn’s gaze when she suddenly looked away. Then he sighed. A fight had started. And by the looks of it Buffy was in the middle of it.

----- -----

Buffy stepped out of the way as a guy fell back towards her. She really hadn’t meant to start a bar fight when she hit that sneaky Spike look-alike. But he stumbled backwards and into a guy who spilled his drink over someone else. Before Buffy knew what was happening all hell broke loose. Of course she could knock any of the fighters down, but she had done enough damage already.

“Let’s get out of here,” the Doctor suddenly said very close to her ear. Then he took her hand and pulled her towards the exit.

Once outside Buffy looked around, trying to spot Dawn. Luckily she was coming towards her already with Sam and Martha.

“What happened?” Dawn wanted to know.

“Ha, that was fun,” John Hart called as he came to a halt next to them. Buffy glared at him, feeling the urge to hit him again. She wasn’t even sure why she reacted like that. Sure, the guy was an ass, but she had met guys like him before. Maybe it was because he was an ass and looked like someone she cared a lot about?

“And you definitely do NOT hit like a girl,” he added gesturing at Buffy.

Dawn stared at the guy whose nose was bleeding. Then she glanced at her sister.

“He’s not…”

“No, definitely not!” Buffy answered.

“You’re bleeding,” Martha said stepping towards John. “I’m a doctor.”

“Just leave him,” Jack objected, placing a hand on her arm. “He’ll be fine.”

“How about we get back to the TARDIS,” the Doctor then suggested. “We don’t want to be here when the police arrives.”

“Where are Faith and Dean?” Dawn asked.

“Over here,” Faith called.

“Alright, that’s everyone, isn’t it?” the Doctor asked looking around. Blimey, they were a lot of people. Had he ever had that many companions? How was he supposed to keep track of all of them?

“Yes, that’s everyone who came to the pub,” Jack said.

The Doctor sighed in relief.

“Allons-y,” he then called and started to head off quickly.

Jack glanced at John who seemed to want to follow.

“You’re not coming!” he stated.

“Oh come on. We were having so much fun.”

“Yeah right.”

“I wasn’t planning to hang around anyway,” John said defensively. Then he hurried off in another direction.

“Until the next time, Jack.”

Jack frowned, then followed the others.

----- ----- ----- ----- -----

The next day – TARDIS:

The Doctor pressed a few buttons and the TARDIS shook. Then, a few moments later she came to a halt.

“So, we could be home now?” Buffy asked as she straightened up.

“Theoretically yes,” the Doctor answered.

“Okay, then let’s check it out,” she decided, but then hesitated.

“Where are Dawn and Sam?”

“Probably still in bed,” Dean answered.

“Both of them?” Buffy asked. Then her eyes widened. “You don’t mean together?” She didn’t even wait for an answer but walked off instead.

Faith quickly stepped in her way. “What are you doing?”

“I have to…”

“No you don’t. Seriously, Buffy, you want to storm into their room? And do what exactly?”

Buffy glared at the other slayer, but stopped.

“Am I supposed to just let her…”

“She’s 20 Buffy!”

“Exactly, she shouldn’t…”

“How old were you when Angel lost his soul?”

Buffy stared at Faith, then scowled. She really felt like punching someone again. But messing up things with Faith really wasn’t a good idea. Twirling around she headed for the door and rushed out of the TARDIS.

Faith glanced around and shrugged.

“We landed? Great,” Ruby announced entering the control room. Then she marched through the room and out the door.

The Doctor raised an eyebrow. What had he gotten himself into with this lot? Sighing he then headed for the door as well. Just before he reached it the door swung shut however.

“What?” the Doctor called, then twirled around and stared at the console as the TARDIS flew off by itself.

“What’s happening?” Faith asked as she tried to reach the console without falling. The ride was anything but smooth again.

“I have no idea,” the Doctor muttered as he reached the console and pressed a few buttons. Then they came to a halt once more.

“What did you do that for?” he asked as he glanced up at his ship. Then something showed up on the TARDIS screen. The Doctor pulled his glasses out and put them on. Then he peered at the screen closely.


“What is it, Doctor?” Jack asked stepping closer. But he didn’t get an answer. Instead the Doctor rushed through the room and out the door.

Faith ran after him, followed by Jack, Dean and Martha.

Once outside Faith didn’t see Buffy or Ruby anywhere.

“We went somewhere else.”

“Yes, we did,” the Doctor stated.

“But what about Buffy and Ruby?” Faith wanted to know.

“Not now,” the Doctor called while taking some reading with the sonic screwdriver.

Faith frowned and stepped in front of the Doctor. “We can’t just leave them behind.” She might not be that close to Buffy and might not even like Ruby, but they couldn’t just leave them behind!

“We won’t,” Jack said. Then he glanced at the Doctor. “Right?”

The Doctor blinked and glanced at them. “Of course not. We’ll be back there just a second after we left.”

Faith frowned, but let it go.

“But why are we here?” Dean wanted to know.

“The TARDIS brought us here. Something important must be going on,” Martha said as the Doctor rushed off, screwdriver held up.

Turning around a corner the Doctor then froze. Another TARDIS was standing a few feet away and a man was dragging an unconscious woman towards it.

Jack came to a halt next to the Doctor. His eyes widened at the sight in front of him. Then he pulled his gun and shot at the man.

“Leave her alone,” the Doctor called as he walked forward.

“Oh, Doctor, you’re such a spoil sport. I was just getting her home to you.”

The Doctor continued to walk towards them, anger showing on his face. “Get away from her!”

“You heard him,” Jack called pointing his gun at the man he loathed more than anyone else.

“Alright, you can have her… for now. See ya.” That said he disappeared in his TARDIS and shut the door. Within seconds the ship disappeared.

The Doctor rushed towards the young woman on the ground. Kneeling down beside her he then gently lifted her head.

Faith glanced from Jack who was rushing to the Doctor and the woman to Martha who looked rather pale.

“What’s going on? Who was that?”

Martha blinked, then glanced at Faith. “The Master,” she breathed silently. Then she turned away and hurried after the others.

Faith shared a look with Dean, then they followed.

----- -----

“Rose, can you hear me?” the Doctor asked, worry written all over his face.

“Her pulse is strong. She’s going to be okay,” Martha said.

“We should get her back to the TARDIS,” Jack stated.

“I can carry her,” Faith offered.

Jack glanced at her, raising an eyebrow.

“Slayer, remember.”

“I’ve got her,” the Doctor said picking Rose up.

Faith looked at him a little surprised. The Doctor obviously was stronger than he looked, too.

“Keep an eye out,” the Doctor said as he started walking.

Jack nodded, his gun in hand. Seeing that, Dean pulled his own gun as well. He had no idea what was going on, but he preferred to be ready.

----- ----- ----- ----- -----

TARDIS – Rose’s room:

“So, who’s she?” Faith asked, as she, Dean and Jack lingered by the door, while the Doctor and Martha were at the blonde’s bedside.

“A friend,” Jack said. “She used to travel with the Doctor when I first met him.”

“He cares about her a lot,” Dean stated, noticing the look on the Doctor’s face.

“The Doctor cares about all of his companions a lot, but Rose is special”, Jack said. The Doctor loved her, no matter if he sent her away and didn’t want to go see her when he knew he could do it without risking the destruction of universes.

----- -----

Rose Tyler groaned and then opened her eyes. Everything was blurry and her head hurt.

“Rose, can you hear me?” the Doctor asked when she stirred.

“What happened?” Pushing herself up slightly Rose tried to focus on her surroundings.

“You were attacked by the master,” Martha said. “But you’re safe now.”

Rose focused on the source of the voice she just heard as her surroundings finally started to come into focus. She then blinked. She had seen that face before, hadn’t she? Yes, she remembered her.

“Martha?” she asked. Then she glanced around and her eyes fell on the Doctor. Emotions started to run through Rose, and she wasn’t sure if she should feel happy to see him or not. Her instinct told her to just throw herself into his arms. But he had abandoned her, left her with the other Doctor. Her heart started to ache at the thought.

The Doctor watched Rose closely, his hearts beating faster. She was right in front of him, but it still felt like she was light-years away. The look on her face showed him that she wasn’t that happy to see him. Well, he couldn’t blame her. He had sent her away after all. And she was with the other Doctor now.

“So, you’re still… you,” Rose finally said.

A small smile appeared on the Doctor’s face. She had said almost exactly the same to him before.

“Yep, still me.” At least for now, the Doctor thought. He had been told that his song was ending after all.

Despite everything a small smirk appeared on Rose’s face. She simply couldn’t help herself. But then it vanished again.

“So, that bloke, he wasn’t you!?”

“Who?” the Doctor asked. Then his eyes narrowed. “The Master?”

“Oh no, that so wasn’t the Doctor,” Martha said. If anything the Master was the complete opposite of the Doctor.

“He said he was you. Had to regenerate and then found a way to come and get me.” Rose snorted. It just hadn’t really made sense. Why would the Doctor suddenly show up and ask her to come with him again? He had told her to stay with the other Doctor after all. She blinked and tried to keep tears from welling up. She wasn’t going to cry!

“I guess he didn’t take no for an answer,” Rose then added and rubbed her head. He had knocked her out. She really should have been more careful. But he said he was the Doctor, and he had a TARDIS. Why wouldn’t she believe him? She did and let her guard down completely.

The doctor’s eyes were fixed on Rose. She had thought that the master was him and came to get her. And she said no. His hearts started to ache and he felt like he wasn’t getting enough air. Trying to breathe in regularly he then sighed. He should have known. She chose the other Doctor, just like he had predicted. They were perfect for each other. He’d age with her and he was more human than him.

Martha noticed the look on the Doctor’s face. She had seen a similar look several times already. She always felt like hugging him and trying to tell him that everything would be okay, when he looked like that. But she didn’t think that that would be appropriate right now. Besides, Rose basically just said that she didn’t want to be with the Doctor. Martha still had no idea what had happened between the two of them, but she knew that the Doctor still loved Rose. It was written all over his face. Hearing her words must have been like a slap in the face. She sighed and then got up. Whatever was wrong between them, Martha was sure that it would be better to leave them alone now. Maybe they could work it out somehow? She hoped they could. The Doctor definitely deserved some happiness after everything he had been through. She then walked over to the door and gestured for the others to leave with her.


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